Best 10 Office Chair Manufacturers & Suppliers in USA 2024


The United States is a big country in manufacturing office chairs. In the United States, you can find various well-known office chair brands.

Compared to many other countries that prioritize the production of affordable office chairs, American office chair manufacturers firmly prioritize the most important aspects of quality. If the numerous manufacturers on the market confuse you, don’t worry because this article is crafted to ease your confusion. Attached is a list of the top 10 office chair manufacturers in the United States in 2024.

From this article you will learn:


The Benefits of Choosing a Quality Office Chair

Opting for a premium office chair offers numerous advantages. Primarily, it serves as an effective deterrent against the onset of fatigue, which often results from prolonged periods spent in a stationary position before a computer. Furthermore, the utilization of ergonomic office chairs contributes significantly to mitigating the likelihood of muscle strains, back discomfort, neck issues, and other associated muscular discomforts.

In addition to the aforementioned physical benefits, the enhanced comfort provided by these seats translates into an elevated standard of work quality and an overall boost in productivity.


Where Can I Find the Best Chair Manufacturers in the USA?

There are several well-known office chair manufacturers in the United States, and their facilities may be located in various cities or regions. Here are eight places associated with prominent office chair manufacturers in the U.S.:

● Hickory, North Carolina ● Grand Rapids, Michigan ● Muscatine, Iowa ● High Point, North Carolina
● Zeeland, Michigan ● Sheboygan, Wisconsin ● Dallas, Texas ● Los Angeles, California


Top 10 Office Chair Manufacturers and Suppliers in the United States

If you are looking for reliable office chair manufacturers or suppliers in the United States, then this list below will help you!

Company Name Established Headquarters
1. Knoll, Inc. 1938 United States, Pennsylvania
2. Steelcase Inc. 1986 Grand Rapids, MI
3. Bernhardt Furniture Company 1889 Lenoir, NC
4. Herman Miller Inc 1915 Michigan
5. Hooker Furniture 1925 Martinsville, Virginia
6. HNI Corporation 1947 Mississippi River, USA
7. Haworth Inc. 1948 Michigan, United States
8. Berco Designs Inc. 1969 Missouri, United States
9. 9to5 Seating LLC. 1982 California, USA
10. Davis Furniture 1944 North Carolina


1. Knoll, Inc.

Established: 1938

Headquarters: United States, Pennsylvania

Number of Employees: 100-300


Company Overview

Knoll, Inc., founded in the United States, is a supplier of furniture and accessories for residential and workplace solutions. The company offers a comprehensive range of office furniture, including desks, office chairs, modular workstations, workplace accessories (including lighting), ergonomic accessories, dining and living room furniture, and outdoor and garden furniture. It also offers services including product selection guidance, customization options for creating workspaces, U.S. shipping and customer support.


2. Steelcase Inc.

Established: 1986

Headquarters: Grand Rapids, MI

Number of Employees:101-250


Company Overview

Founded in 1912, Steelcase is one of the leading office furniture manufacturers in the United States. They specialize in manufacturing various types of office chairs. As one of the top chair manufacturers in the United States, Steelcase has a variety of seat surfaces to choose from, with a minimum order quantity of only 100 pieces.

They have over 800 stores across North America selling only their branded products. Additionally, they sell office furniture in more than 20,000 stores.


3. Bernhardt Furniture Company

Established: 1889

Headquarters: Lenoir, NC

Number of Employees: 11-50


Company Overview

Founded in 1889, Bernhardt is one of America's preeminent office furniture manufacturers. They strive to offer a wide range of sophisticated and stylish products, maintaining neutral tones and elegant interiors. With more than 134 years of history, Bernhardt is an industry leader in office chairs and a global company committed to contributing to its people, local communities and the world around them.


4. Herman Miller Inc.

Established: 1905

Headquarters: Michigan

Number of Employees: 10900


Company Overview

Founded in 1905, Herman Miller is one of the preeminent office furniture manufacturers in the United States. Herman Miller has earned widespread acclaim and numerous prestigious awards for its unparalleled commitment to excellence. Renowned for its innovative and user-centric approach, the company consistently crafts cutting-edge products that seamlessly cater to the diverse needs of its discerning clientele. Whether one is In search of avant-garde gaming furniture or sophisticated seating solutions, Herman Miller stands as an unrivaled source of comprehensive offerings. This commitment to versatility and quality has rightfully secured their esteemed position among the distinguished roster of American chair manufacturers.


5. Hooker Furniture

Established: 1925

Headquarters: Martinsville, Virginia

Number of Employees: 800+


Company Overview

Hooker Furniture is headquartered in Martinsville, Virginia, with corporate offices and multiple distribution facilities, and employs approximately 800 people at facilities in Virginia and North Carolina. Hooker Furniture also imports a wide range of wooden bedroom, living room, dining room, home office and home entertainment furniture as well as some leather furniture from factories around the world. These include factories in Asia, Mexico and Central America.


6. HNI Corporation

Established: 1947

Headquarters: Mississippi River, USA

Number of Employees: 10000


Company Overview

Founded in 1947, HNI Corporation is one of America's preeminent office chair manufacturers. HNI Corporation ranks among the world's largest office furniture manufacturers based on revenue generated from office segment sales. HNI Corporation is a family of companies that offers a range of leading brands, products and services for office furniture. HNI Corporation is a membership-based organization that rewards individual and collective performance through equity, profit sharing and other compensation systems. With more than 10,000 employees, the company is one of the largest in the world.


7. Haworth Inc.

Established: 1948

Headquarters: Michigan, United States

Number of Employees: 7000+


Company Overview

Founded in 1948, Haworth Inc. is one of America's preeminent manufacturers of office chairs and furniture. Haworth Inc. is a global leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of interior construction and technology solutions. Through a global network of 650 dealers and more than 7,000 employees, Haworth has grown to become one of the world's largest furniture manufacturers, serving markets in more than 120 countries. Haworth aims to focus on organic workspaces, helping people perform at their best through its furniture and interior design solutions. The company's furniture solutions include seating, tables, moveable walls, panels, storage cabinets and wooden crate goods.


8. Berco Designs Inc.

Established: 1969

Headquarters: Missouri, United States

Number of Employees: 300+


Company Overview

Founded in 1969, Berco Designs Inc. is one of the office chair manufacturers headquartered in the Cherokee neighborhood of St. Louis. They specialize in furniture customization and innovative design, offering a variety of services. Known for its simple, clean designs, quality construction and unparalleled customer service, Berco makes it easier for anyone to find and order the perfect table for any space. Berco Designs also has an in-house design staff that provides flexibility and responsiveness to improve the overall customer experience.


9. 9to5 Seating LLC.

Established: 1982

Headquarters: California, USA

Number of Employees: 148


Company Overview

Founded in 1982, 9to5 Seating LLC is one of the office chair manufacturers headquartered in California, USA. From the beginning, 9to5 Seating has been focused on one thing, creating the best range of lounge and office chairs possible.

Office chairs are critical to employee productivity and success. They are one of the few things that every employee in an organization comes into contact with and uses on a daily basis. A great office chair can make or break a day at work. With chairs that are comfortable, ergonomically designed, and designed specifically for their intended use, employees can be positioned correctly to be more productive.


10. Davis Furniture

Established: 1944

Headquarters: North Carolina

Number of Employees: 251-500


Company Overview

Founded in 1982, Davis is one of the office chair manufacturers headquartered in California, USA. If you are looking for a chair that you can customize, Davis is one of the American chair manufacturers you should go to. They offer over 750 fabric options and over 60 customizable finishes. Choose the fabric and customize accordingly.


Office Chair Product Recommendations for 2024

Ergonomic chairs have high appeal to modern consumers. ZUOWE provides high-quality ergonomic chairs and packaging designs. You can choose the chair that best suits your project needs, such as office chair, study chair, gaming chair. Also, if you need something not on the list, please feel free to contact us. We can assist you in customizing your glass ergonomic chair.




To facilitate your decision-making process, we have meticulously curated a comprehensive compilation enumerating the top 10 chair manufacturers situated within the United States. Nevertheless, should geographical constraints not be a pivotal factor in your considerations, alternative options abound. Noteworthy among these is the eminent chair manufacturer, ZUOWE, hailing from the prolific industry landscape of China. ZUOWE boasts an extensive array of chairs meticulously crafted to cater to a diverse spectrum of requirements.

For any inquiries or concerns pertaining to chairs, do not hesitate to reach out to ZUOWE, as their dedicated team is poised to assist you with unwavering enthusiasm at any given juncture.

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