High Back Office Chair Vs Low Back Office Chair: How to Choose


The height of the backrest of an office chair will directly affect the experience of using it. Many people say that sitting on a low-backed office chair is uncomfortable. Are high-backed office chairs more recommended? Today, through this article, I would like to explain and analyze for you the differences between high-back office chairs and low-back office chairs, as well as whether the high and low back of the office chair affects the comfort of the office chair and other related issues that most people are concerned about.

Finally, at the end of the article, we will also provide several sets of office chair style recommendations that are comfortable and beautiful in appearance. If you are interested, please continue reading the article we have compiled for you.

You will learn from this article:


What Is a High-Back Office Chair?

A high-back office chair is a chair with a higher backrest to support the head and neck. In appearance, high-back office chairs are wider and taller than low-back office chairs. The built-in high backrest ensures more support for your neck, shoulders, and back, making these chairs more comfortable and practical. Additionally, these chairs have more adjustment options than low-back office chairs. If you are a tall person; a high-back office chair is your best choice.


Advantages of High-Back Office Chairs

High-back chairs can provide more support for your neck, lower back, upper back, and shoulders. High-back office chairs offer more adjustment options than other options. This type of office chair is best for people who sit for long periods of time. High-back chairs are a great option for people with back pain.

Here are some benefits of high-back office chairs:

High-back chairs are supportive and provide better upper and lower back support.

Provides a better fit, suitable for people who work in the office for long periods of time.

Have more adjustment functions for the best comfort experience


Disadvantages of High-Backed Office Chairs

Disadvantages of high-backed office chairs

Here are some disadvantages of high-back office chairs:

High-back chairs are more expensive

Takes up more space and therefore requires more space

Not suitable for people of short height


What Is a Low Back Office Chair?

Low-back office chairs refer to styles with compact backrests. Although its backrest only reaches about halfway up to your waist compared to a typical office chair, this model is very popular due to its stylish design, compact size, and low price.

There is no strict definition, but a size that covers the waist is a "low back," a large size that covers the shoulders is a "medium back," and a size that covers the head, such as one with a headrest, is a "high back."


Advantages of Low Back Office Chairs

Low-back office chairs have been introduced in many offices due to their compact size. Specifically, it has the following advantages:

The low-back office chair has a compact design and is lightweight, making it easy to move and store.

Easy to store, save more space

They are less expensive than mid-back and high-back chairs.


Disadvantages of Low Back Office Chairs

Compared with high back, the load on the body is greater

Not suitable for relaxing and cannot provide higher comfort experience


The Main Differences Between High-Back Chairs and Low-Back Chairs

The main differences between high-back chairs and low-back chairs

There are some major differences in design and functionality between high-back chairs and low-back chairs, here are some of the differences between them:

1. Back height

High-back chairs: Designed with a higher back, usually able to support the user's waist or even neck, providing more comprehensive back support.

Low-back chair: A chair with a relatively short back that mainly supports the user's lower back and waist, without involving the neck.

2. Supportive

High-back chairs: Provide more comprehensive support and help reduce pressure on the entire back, suitable for people who need to sit at a desk for long periods of time.

Low-back chair: The support is mainly concentrated on the lower back, suitable for those who have low requirements for neck support.

3. Comfort

High-back chairs: Typically equipped with more padding and comfort materials, they provide a more comfortable sitting position and are suitable for people who need to work continuously for long periods of time.

Low-back chairs: While also comfortable, they may not have the full support that high-back chairs offer.

4. Look and style

High-backed chairs: Typically have a more formal and professional appearance and are suitable for settings such as offices that require a formal atmosphere.

Low-back chairs: The appearance may be more lightweight and simple, suitable for some home office or leisure occasions.

5. Applicable scene

High-back chairs: Suitable for people who need to sit at a desk for long periods of time, such as office workers or people who need to use computers for long periods of time.

Low-back chairs: Suitable for situations where continuous work is not required for long periods of time, and may also be more suitable for home use.

6. Cost

High-back chairs: Usually relatively more expensive because of their more sophisticated design and features.

Low-back chairs: Relatively low-priced and suitable for those on a budget.

Choosing between a high-back chair or a low-back chair depends on one's work needs, physical characteristics, and usage environment, so consider your needs and preferences carefully before purchasing.


Should I Choose a High-Back Chair or a Low-Back Chair?

Remember, individual preferences and ergonomic needs play a significant role in choosing the right chair. Consider factors such as personal comfort, work habits, and any existing health considerations when making your decision.

Criteria High-Back Chair Low-Back Chair
Support for Upper Body Provides better support for the entire back, especially the upper back and shoulders. Offers limited support for the upper back and shoulders.
Comfort during Extended Use Ideal for prolonged sitting sessions, as it reduces strain on the upper back and neck. May be suitable for shorter periods or tasks that don't require extended sitting.
Office Setting Commonly chosen for office settings, particularly for tasks that involve desk work or computer use. Can be suitable for casual or collaborative settings where people may move around frequently.
Executive and Formal Spaces Often preferred in executive offices and formal settings for a more sophisticated and authoritative look. May be used in more casual or informal settings, such as meeting rooms or creative spaces.
Style Preference Tends to have a more traditional and formal appearance, suitable for classic or professional environments. Offers a more modern and casual aesthetic, fitting well in contemporary or creative spaces.
Space Considerations Takes up more visual space due to the taller backrest, which can be a factor in smaller rooms. Has a visually lighter presence, making it a good choice for smaller spaces or areas with lower ceilings.
Cost High-back chairs with additional features may be more expensive compared to basic low-back chairs. Generally more cost-effective and available in a wide range of price points.
Mobility and Flexibility May limit mobility due to the fixed high back, but swivel options are available. Offers greater freedom of movement, making it suitable for tasks that require flexibility.


The Most Popular Ergonomic Office Chair Recommendations




There are different types of office chairs, including low back, mid back, and high back. Generally speaking, if you're looking for an office chair that won't strain your body after long hours at your desk, we recommend choosing a mid-back or higher model.

ZUOWE has a showroom where you can try out a variety of office furniture, including low-back and high-back office chairs. If you are interested, please feel free to visit us and you can try out the office furniture compatibility.


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