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Ergonomic Chair Manufacturer in China

ZUOWE is a technology-based enterprise dedicated to providing users with a high-quality sitting experience. It responds to people's needs for the home office and creates seating products that can complement the environment and allow users to enjoy efficient work and healthy sitting posture. High performance and comfortable seating, combine function and fashion style.

Our brand includes high-end ergonomic chair brand (ZUOWE) and service brand WECARE, etc.


ZUOWE has been a reliable manufacturer of ergonomic chairs, trusted by dealers and other businesses, dealers serving residential, commercial, retail and other customers. ZUOWE also has large modern engineering and warehouses and we are able to deliver the highest standards of operational excellence as ZUOWE strikes the right balance between form, function and flexibility without compromising on quality or speed.



Why Choose Us


Rich Experience

The company has 30 years of experience in global luxury car seat R&D and manufacturing and has accumulated rich technical and industry knowledge.

Service and Support

We provide high-quality customer service and after-sales support, including timely response to customer problems and needs, and providing solutions.

Supply Chain Advantage

With a factory area of 22,000 square meters, there will be no supply chain problems, shortage of raw materials, and low production efficiency.


A Reliable Company by Your Side

You will be at your service with a dynamic team and people with years of experience and familiarity with the product.

We also want to be your reliable partner to solve your problems and free up your resources.

Our mission is to provide you with better and better services. We can solve all problems related to your production and provide you with alternative solutions.


Outstanding Manufacturing Capabilities

ZUOWE has the manufacturing capacity of the whole industrial chain from ergonomic chairs to all key components. A cutting-edge manufacturing facility managed by a team of skilled artisans and fitters manufactures our high-end ergonomic chairs.

Award and Patent

We have obtained international certification: BIFMA certification / EU EN-1335-2, patents: 27 items in total 3 major international awards: 2021 Japan G-Mark Design Award / 2021 German Red Dot Design Award / 2021 IDEA American Outstanding Industrial Design Award


Evaluate New Partners and More Benefits

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China Office Chair, Study Chair, Gaming Chair Manufacturer - ZUOWE
Room 818, 8th Floor, Building A, Longhu Paradise Street, No. 1156 Shenbin South Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China
You can trust us
We are a professional Manufacturer in China, and we are constantly innovating so that our customers can have better products and services.
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