Manufacturing Capacity


Create a Superior Sitting Experience

Designed for efficiency and existing for experience, we create a desirable work experience through products that take both performance and aesthetics into consideration. The seat is synonymous with "ergonomic chairs". We have been out of the industry since our debut. This stems from our original intention: to prove to the world that China can make a good chair. It is worth it for Chinese consumers whose work intensity and duration are higher than that of most other countries in the world. have a good chair

Advanced Manufacturing Process

It has a century-old automobile industry gene and promotes the innovation of domestic products. The parent company of the seat is Boao Group, which originated from Chongqing for 30 years. It is deeply involved in the automotive field and new material applications. It has worked with the world's leading automotive seat company in the United States.

With nearly 20 years of equity participation, we have provided car seat development, innovation and manufacturing for top mainstream car brands and leading domestic and foreign electric car brands.


360 Degree Full Process Quality Management

Zuowei Technology carries out product life cycle process management for consumers, emphasizing process control, quality management and waste reduction. Use advanced product quality planning (APQP), potential failure modes and consequences analysis (FMEA), statistical process control (SPC) and error-proofing (POKA-YOKE) methods to prevent the occurrence of defects, focus on process stability, and continuously improve methods, Full employee participation and employee motivation promote the effectiveness of the enterprise's quality management system.

Strengthen Security Foundation

Platformization, modularization, and standardization are the basic logic of product development in the automotive industry. This is not only to improve development efficiency and meet the needs of flexible production lines, but also because each module has undergone multi-dimensional quality verification for many years to ensure the rigor of product design and quality stability.


Eliminate Human Error

ZUOWE Technology follows the 9 modules of the excellent manufacturing management system and implements standardized operations with 57 goals. Strictly define the operating methods, operating tool parameters, personnel hours, etc. in the production process, improve employee proficiency, and guide employees to operate standards and operating methods to achieve on-site uniformity and product consistency.

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