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In recent years, as the office environment has improved and more and more office workers have begun to pay attention to their own health, multi-functional, adjustable and extendable office chairs have received increasing attention, and consumer demand for mid-to-high-end seating products continues to increase. Coupled with the fermentation of the global epidemic, many office seating companies have promptly seized the new opportunities brought to the industry by working from home abroad, and have begun to expand into overseas markets. Among them, ZUOWE, one of the leading companies, gave a perfect answer.

Since being exported to Europe in March, ZUOWE have pressed the accelerator button for international business and have been exported to Southeast Asia and Japan. They will also be exported to the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and other countries. Taking advantage of the opportunity of product export, ZUOWE has set an important milestone for the group's global business development.


Seizing new opportunities in overseas markets, why has ZUOWE never “dropped the chain”?

Judging from the development of the global office seating industry, traditional manufacturing powers such as Europe and the United States started earlier and have stronger control and say in R&D and design, channel layout, corporate management, product quality, technology and technology, so they have strong competitive advantage. However, the domestic office chair industry is also constantly transforming and upgrading. The epidemic has not changed the development momentum of office furniture, especially office chairs. Looking internationally, the comprehensive advantages of China's office furniture manufacturing industry are unparalleled.


Take ZUOWE as an example. Its 30 years of R&D and manufacturing background in global luxury car seats gives it a unique first-mover advantage. The "ergonomic chair" concept product proposed for the first time emphasizes the coordination relationship of "people-seat-usage scenarios" and brings product design into the actual living environment. What ZUOWE provides is not so much an office seating product, but rather a high-quality sitting and space experience for users.

Today, with the rapid development of market economy, competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce, and the importance of product quality to an enterprise is self-evident. This is also the key reason why ZUOWE occupied the overseas market share before other brands. ZUOWE knows that enterprises want to achieve high-quality development. It is necessary to ensure the high quality of the product.


Pay close attention to details and give full play to product advantages.

For consumers, performance and comfort are the primary choices for a good office chair. To this end, ZUOWE strictly controls product quality, integrates user experience into every detail of product development, design, improvement, and quality control, and continues to improve product quality.

Take the Inspire Fit office chair as an example. It uses car seat technology and uses exquisite craftsmanship to reproduce the same texture as a luxury car seat. With three levels of backrest angle adjustment, users can switch between work and rest modes at will according to needs. The seat cushion uses AirWell sponge technology. You can feel a certain amount of support when you sit on it. It is breathable and not stuffy after sitting for a long time. Coupled with the integrated design of the headrest, it gives better support to the head and neck, and the lumbar support and armrests can also be adjusted to make you comfortable.

The details show the ingenuity. Whether working or resting, the Inspire Fit office chair can take care of the user's needs in all aspects and satisfy people's beautiful imagination of office chairs.

It is precisely because of excellence in all aspects that ZUOWE seats have obtained more than 80 patented technologies since its establishment. The entire product chair has passed the BIFMA X5.1-2017 test and EN1335-2 2018 safety and durability, which represents the highest requirements for European office chairs. test. Both tests have extremely high requirements on the safety performance and durability of office chairs.

Today, ZUOWE has achieved initial results in its overseas market entry. In the next development plan, ZUOWE will also further increase investment in research and development, strengthen independent innovation capabilities, and gradually enhance its competitive advantages in product research and development, production, sales and other fields. While creating a higher-quality office experience for more users, it shines on the international trade stage and has become the national pride of China's office seating industry.

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